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Code keyboard with panic code and lighting
Code keyboard with panic code and lighting, operates on 12/24V AC/DC, backlight keys (plastic), 99 user codes (0 to 8 digits), 30 sec lockout after 8 invalid codes, 2 free tension LEDs (Red & Green), 2 relays (R1: 10A/24V DC /120V AC, R2: 2A/24V AC/DC), relay in latch (00) or pulsed mode (01 to 99 sec), 2 pushbuttons to operate relays, power switching regulator for longer product life, EEPROM prevents data loss during power failure, peripherals connected via bi-directional CODIX bus, current consumption standby: 30 mA, maximum: 130 mA, : dustproof and waterproof (IP65)

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